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What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept Credit Cards (Visa and Master only), Bank Transfer and Bitcoins. We recommend Wise for Bank Transfers (lower fees). We only accept MYR currency. 

How do you ship? 

We ship mainly using TNT Express, SF Express and Janio. We highly recommend TNT whenever possible. Next best option would be SF Express. Janio is affordable but may take longer to arrive and is less reliable. Janio is NOT recommended for high value packages or Kit orders. If you select Janio, please make sure your address is 35 characters or less. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. All options are trackable. Not all choices are available for all countries. You can select your preferred courier service during checkout. 

Update: We no longer offer Janio shipping, as they have repeatedly missed pickup and have even lost a few packages. Very unreliable.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

Why did you choose this current coil pinout? 

We decided on this pinout for the best interest of our customers. The alternative wiring/ coil pinout are mostly sold by US stores. To purchase replacements would be rather costly, especially for customers outside US. During our research and testing, there were absolutely no performance difference between the two wiring/ coil pinout. 

We understand that our shipping charges are on the higher side, especially if an order only consists of some parts/accessories. Our current wiring/ coil pinout are the same as coils you can find on DHgate, Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay etc. These marketplaces serves customers worldwide with low shipping costs and fair prices. They are also always in stock. 

Therefore, our reason behind the coil pinout is to ensure our worldwide customers can have easy access to replacement controllers/ coils, if and when necessary. We have observed no difference in quality. 

What temperatures should I use? 

Recommended temperatures for: 

Qaroma: 640F to 740F. Taroma & Ceroma: 600F to 700F 

What should I take note of? 


1. Do not use incompatible or modified coils on our products. Do not overtighten heater heads of any model. All warranties/ claims will be voided. 

2. Make sure the coil pinout is THE SAME as Qaroma PID Controller and coils, if you decide to mix and match parts. If unsure, it is best to purchase an entire kit from Qaromashop. 

Our Coil Pinout is: 

Coil (Male 5 pin XLR connector) PIN 1 = TC-, PIN 2 = TC+, PIN 3 = GND, PIN 4 = AC-, PIN 5 = AC+

We will not be responsible for any warranties or damages arising from mixing parts or incorrect usage. 

3. Qaroma Stand can feel like a hot cup of coffee, when left on for a long time. 

4. Do not expose wooden coil handle to extreme weather and humidity changes. Love your wood. 

5. Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma is designed to prevent overfilling. However, please do not attempt to overfill the Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma Gemstone Chamber. This can cause cracking due to thermal expansion and will void all warranty/ claims. Similarly, do not attempt to overtighten the screw of any QaromaShop heater heads. 

6. We do NOT guarantee any fitment or compatibility, with any adapter bowls, not made or sold by QaromaShop.com

7. No warranty, returns or refunds accepted, except for DOA (Dead, Defective or Damaged on Arrival) shipments. If item arrives DOA, please contact customer service via email within 24 hours of receipt. 

What are Qaromashop products used for?

Our customers ranges from the casual home aromatheraphy hobbyist to professional aroma mixers, as well as anyone in between. Our DIY Kits are flexible enough for home, school or small lab use, due to its precise temperature control. In fact, anyone who requires small scale, ultra clean convection heating, at precise temperatures, will benefit from a Qaromashop kit! It is that flexible!

How do we contact you? 

Email us at qaroma.cs@gmail.com for any further enquiries. 

What are your warranty policies?

As Qaromashop products are merely open ended concepts, it can have as many applications as our imagination would allow. Therefore, we are unable to predict a standard usage pattern. As such, we are unable to provide any form of warranty, return, refund or exchanges once goods are sold. 

We do not offer any warranties, returns, refunds or exchanges, except for DOA (Dead, Damaged or Defective on Arrival) shipments. You will need to inform customer service at qaroma.cs@gmail.com within 24 hours of receipt, with photo or video proof. 

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