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QaromaShop Pre Stretched, 150W, 20mm Heater Coil (for Taroma Lite Plus & Taroma 3.0)

RM 164.00
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QaromaShop Pre Stretched, 150W, 20mm Heater Coil (for Taroma Lite Plus & Taroma 3.0). This coil is pre stretched slightly longer for Taroma Lite Plus usage only. It will also heatup slightly quicker than standard QaromaShop coils. 

1. Press/compress coil slightly, like a spring, just enough for the top cap to be screwed on all the way. 

2. Screw on top cap, and let go of the compression of the coil.

Refer to pictures above. 

Please double check if your coil pinout matches ours? Please select 110V or 220V? 

If you are not familiar with the different pinouts in the market, it is highly recommended that you purchase full kits instead. Do NOT use on incompatible controllers. This will void all warranty. 

Our Coil Pinout is: 

Coil (Male 5 pin XLR connector) PIN 1 = TC-, PIN 2 = TC+, PIN 3 = GND, PIN 4 = AC-, PIN 5 = AC+

Comes with:  1 x Qaromashop Pre Stretched 150W 20mm Coil in 110V or 220V. 

No warranties or returns

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