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Staroma 360 Aromatherapy Device DIY Kit

RM 1,650.00
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Staroma 360 is the SS316 Stainless Steel version of Taroma 360. 

Attention QaromaShop Fam! 

Looking for the latest innovation and another 1st in the World? Look no further than Staroma 360, the most recent creation from industry trailblazer QaromaShop. This exclusive device features our "Hybrid 360 Tech", blending conduction and convection in the most ideal way possible, with variable conduction levels.

One of the most notable features of the Staroma 360 is its capacity to function from as low as 375F up to 490F, with a heatsoak time from 15-90 seconds. There's no need to stir your materials, as this device ensures a perfect roast/extraction every time. 

Our industry first, custom 150W coil solution provides the operating power. The intricate design of Staroma 360 uses this power to its full potential. Staroma 360 users are in for a next-level extraction experience!  

The Staroma 360 housing is paired with a custom glass adapter bowl/stem, with thin walls and wide surface area, to perfectly combine the effects of convection and conduction. The adjustable screen depths works perfectly with big or small loads. Additionally, it is microdosing-friendly with a basket screen compatibility/option. 

Staroma 360 holds 200++ 3mm Rubies in its Gemstone Chamber. 

Staroma 360 Usage Guide (video guide link): 

Fit screen onto stem at your desired depth. Then slide Staroma 360 housing over stem.  

Low Temp Range: 375F to 410F, recommended heatsoak time 60-90 seconds

Medium Temp Range: 410F to 450F, recommended heatsoak time 30-60 seconds

High Temp Range: 450F to 490F, recommended heatsoak time 15-30 seconds

Note that you should pull residual heat from the stem with your last inhale after lifting the housing, as this is a common step for conduction-leaning devices. Additionally, it's highly recommended to use the Staroma 360 with a carbed passthrough or ash catcher, so that you're able to clear the hit without lifting the housing.


Extra Glass Adapter Stems

Extra Basket Screen Glass Adapter 

Mini Carbed Ash Catcher

Passthrough Bowls

Extra Screens

Overall, the Staroma 360 is a game-changer in the aromatherapy device industry, providing amazing flavor, knockout hits and a perfect roast/extraction every time. If you're seeking a high-quality, innovative aromatherapy device, the Staroma 360 is the perfect choice for you.

Do not modify or use incompatible coils on Staroma 360. For reference, our Coil Pinout is:
Coil (Male 5 pin XLR connector) PIN 1 = TC-, PIN 2 = TC+, PIN 3 = GND, PIN 4 = AC-, PIN 5 = AC+

Each DIY Kit comes with:
1 x Staroma 360 SS316 Housing

1 x Staroma 360 Glass Stem Bowl/Adapter (14mm & 18mm compatible)

1 x Staroma 360 Basket Screen Glass Adapter (14mm & 18mm compatible) (Discontinued due to high sticking rates. Available separately if required)

1 x 20mm Diameter Test Fitted Staroma 360 Heater Coil

1 x Staroma 360 PID Controller with Plug (US/EU/AU only)

1 x Staroma 360 Coil Handle - Walnut StabWood Black/Green/Blue (Please leave a comment during checkout or random color will be chosen)

1 x Staroma 360 Suet Jade Porcelain Stand (Please leave a comment during checkout or random color will be chosen)

2 x Pack 3mm Aroma Ruby Pearls

1 x Pack Staroma 360 Stainless Steel screens (10pcs)

1 x pc 16mm Basket Screen 

1 x Free Stainless Steel Scoop + Stirring tool

No warranties or returns.

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