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The QaromaShop Origins & History

The QaromaShop Origins & History

The Official QaromaShop History 

QaromaShop began initial development of product line, in September 2020. By Nov 2020, most concepts were finalized. A year later, QaromaShop was officially launched. 

Development work took up most of 2021. It was only until July 2021, that I decided to post my Qaroma designs on IG, a few months before launch. Prior to this, there were no PID Ball Vapes of similar styles available yet: 



Obviously, this same prototype had existed months prior. Anyone working with precision machined Quartz would know this. The same designs were also applied to Taroma and Ceroma since late 2020. 


It is also important to note that we've been offering Titanium Bowls since late January 2022: 


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